In addition to our projects, we provide various consulting services to help nonprofits run at maximum efficacy.

Our process is highly collaborative, and ensures that you achieve the results you seek.

Conflict Resolution & Prevention
Conflicts occur in most organizations because individuals do not have any channels within their organizations for dealing with their concerns. However, many of the costs of conflict can be avoided by introducing a conflict management system that enables individuals to address their concerns at an early stage before they escalate.
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Disagreements are a reality of everyday life. Accepting that they are inevitable and finding ways to deal with them is the key to building a healthy and productive work environment. Nevertheless, there will be times when parties cannot resolve a disagreement themselves, and need an outside expert to mediate between them.
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Meeting Facilitation
Meetings dominate the way we do business. According to a recent survey, over 11 million meetings take place in the U.S. each day. However, most people find the majority of meetings that they attend to be unproductive, and research shows that over 50% of meeting time is wasted. A skilled facilitator enables a group to make the most of meeting time, and ensures that meetings accomplish their stated objectives.
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Organizational Transition
Most organizations are in a constant state of flux as they try to adapt to new internal and external demands being placed upon them. To cope with these demands, they constantly need to introduce changes that will enable them to survive and succeed. A well-planned transition process will ensure that complex changes proceed smoothly and effectively.
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