We will help you define success and then show you how to get there.

Mediate Facilitate is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the training, knowledge and resources to help nonprofit organizations succeed. As part of our mission, we lead seminars and discussion forums that foster communication between nonprofit leaders, community leaders, and funders. We also conduct surveys and other research to help the nonprofit community better understand its strengths and weaknesses.



Ivor Heyman is a nonprofit advocate who is committed to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations around the country. He works to strengthen nonprofit organizations by developing seminars, workshops, and other learning opportunities that serve the nonprofit sector. Ivor brings a diverse range of approaches to the work of Mediate Facilitate, drawing on the latest management research, organizational theory, and nonprofit educational models.

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We accomplish our mission through the following projects:

Nonprofit Success Forum: an ongoing educational series featuring panels of experts on various topics of nonprofit management. Forums offer multiple points of view and focus on the big picture.

Nonprofit toolbox: an ongoing educational series of public workshops on conflict and transition for nonprofit leaders. Workshops focus on practical tools and techniques, and involve the use of role plays and other practical exercises.

Frustrated at Work: an educational resource for nonprofit employees, which is designed to help them function more effectively, and provides perspectives from their point of view.

Mediate Facilitate newsletter: a free monthly advice column that offers concrete tips and techniques for dealing with transition.


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